The Power of The Word; Suicide and Addiction

Today I wanted to touch upon a subject that was brought to my attention by exploring my emotions. Admittedly after writing this I have realized that my emotions truly wrote this but guess I needed to get it out. Sometimes we say things without a lot of thought as to how we may effect someone... Continue Reading →

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Never Give Up

There is something to be said for the power of dreams. So elusive yet so powerful, the possibilities are endless. When I was younger I had dreams and I can assure you it was not to become a hopeless "junkie". In fact I thought that could never be me I had standards haha tis life.... Continue Reading →

Self Transformation Why Wait?

So I was suggested a topic of transformation and honestly there is so much to write about! This is one of my favorite subjects as transformation is ingrained in every part of our material and mental reality. Whether it is the flower from a bud, a leaf from a tree or a caterpillar to a... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

In recovery there is very little that can produce the same long-term effect on someone as unconditional love and selflessness. We do not have to like everybody but when it comes down to it we can still love them. We are all one on this earth no matter what we believe in there is no... Continue Reading →

Music Kept Me Alive At My Lowest

Hey everybody just had some quick thoughts on gratitude that I hope someone can relate to. I can remember being at the verge of ending it all in my using and sometimes the only friend I had was music. I would spend countless hours chasing my next fix of whatever I could get and in... Continue Reading →


So this is kinda a funny topic for me right now. I am sitting on hold with the insurance company and oh my is it testing my patience. As an addict in recovery its not hard to guess that my life was and sometimes is run on instant gratification. I want it and I want... Continue Reading →

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